DPC Group

Established after the post liberation war in 1980, DPC Group has been complementing the host and foreign governments in achieving their developmental priorities. As one of the pioneer consultancy firm, DPC Group has implemented more than 450 projects financed by the host nations and donor partners, and partnered with national and international firms having sector specialization to implement the projects. DPC Group played pivotal role in providing technical assistance to the host and foreign nations which are targeted to develop the traditional and emerging sectors. Some of the services provided by DPC Group include:

  • Conducting feasibility assessments
  • Enhancing technical competency on various themes
  • Designing master plans of the government
  • Providing technical guidance in WASH initiatives
  • Conducting due diligence of potential projects
  • Conducting financial analysis and auditing funds
  • Prepare detialed designs of physical infrastructural projects
  • Conduct process assessments and designing adaptive processes
  • Conduct resettlement plans, environmental impact assessments and prepare social & environmental impact assessment reports
  • Conduct action and impact research

DPC Fin Solutions

DPC Fin Solutions is a subsidiary of DPC Group that incubates business start-ups and ventures. The firm partners with emerging sector private sector ventures having both potential and viability to deliver services using innovative mechanism. DPC Fin Solutions primarily serves as bridge between start-up ventures and investors by offering the following services:

  • Conducting Rapid Assessment of business projects
  • Conducting technical and financial analysis to evaluate viability of the project
  • Conducting stakeholder and customer analysis
  • Conducting donor landscaping for target projects
  • Prepare comprehensive Feasibility Report for viable projects
  • Prepare technical and financial proposals for the client
  • Connect clients with relevant agencies of the Government

FastGrowth Holdings & Technical Services

Fastgrowth Holdings and Technical Services (FGH&TS) is another subsidiary business entity of DPC Group which provides technical assitance to national and international private sector projects and ventures having lasrge scale operations. The firm collaborates with the firms to generate venture capital and supports the venture from project designing to project operations. Some of the key services provided to the client includes: 


  • Conducting comprehensive assessment of the project
  • Collaborate with fintech entities to finance the project
  • Prepare Feasibility Report for the project
  • Prepare technical and financial proposal for the project
  • Assess procurement process of capital products
  • Prepare IEE, EIA and ESIA reports for the project along with resettlement action plans
  • Prepare other necessary reports for the project for submission to the host Government agencies and/or to the investors