Sectors where we operate

Since inception in 1980, DPC Group aligned its approach to complement the development initiatives of the host government. As Bangladesh continued to developed, DPC Group re-positioned itself to deliver state-of-the-art technical assistance to the host and foreign governments on emerging country development sectors with its huge pool of sector specialist, regular, project-based staff. 

Utilizing the vast experience that DPC Group has achieved by working with different government agencies, donor partners, national and international firms over the last three decades, the company has enhanced in competency to undertake any development projects across the world. 


Company Brochure of DPC Group

DPC Group has been complementing the physical and infrastructural development of Bangladesh and foreign nations since its establishment in 1980. DPC Group adapted with the changing country context and optimized its resource mobilization to implement both development and social enterprise projects of the host and foreign nations in alignment with the national priorities. The firm adopted innovative approaches and made strategic shifts to re-tailor its operational and implementational protocols and processes to make greater impact. DPC Group strengthened its network by building functional rapport with government agencies, donor partners and with multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary national and international project implementation entities. The firm utilized the lessons learned to make evidence-based strategic decisions to support the initiatives of the host and foreign governments and their developmental priorities.